Educational Programs


The Al Held Foundation offers programming for educators and professors of studio art and art history. Small groups of students may visit the Foundation grounds for study of works by Al Held in the intimate and inspiring context of his historic home and studio. A new educational program is offered each Fall and Spring semester.

Fall 2016, the Foundation hosted a survey of Held’s prints. These ranged from lithographs and screen-prints from the late 1960s to his later masterful etchings and aquatints of the 1990s and early 2000s. Known primarily as a painter, Held found creative ways to push the medium of printmaking to suit his expansive vision.

Spring 2017, the Foundation presented, “One Big Painting,” a close analysis of Eagle Rock IV (2004), a dynamic 15 x 30 foot acrylic painting on canvas. The scale and complexity of the painting reveal Held’s ongoing interest in color, perspective, formal relationships, Renaissance space, and modernist abstraction.

Fall 2017, the program “Painting and Process” focused on the intensive methods Held used to make his complex late paintings. Archival materials document the evolution from a heavily worked image marked by trial and error to a meticulous finished painting with a slick, unblemished surface.

Spring 2018, “Public Projects” examined Held’s site-specific artworks. From the mid-1960s to 2005, he created large-scale paintings, stained glass, and mosaics for public spaces and new buildings designed by some of the most influential architects of the era, including Walter Gropius, Cesar Pelli, and Robert A. M. Stern.

Fall 2018, the program “Among Friends” explored Held’s creative interchanges with a diverse group of painters and sculptors. Works by Held were displayed in dialogue with those by Ronald Bladen, George Sugarman, Sylvia Stone, Judy Pfaff, Sol LeWitt, and others.

This Spring, the Foundation will present "Luminous Constructs," an exhibition in the studio of highlights of Held's late paintings and prints. On this program, tour groups will have a chance to compare the different media that Held used to visualize unseen truths through striking compositions of light and geometry.

Professors and other educators interested in learning more about group visits may contact